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These days you've probably read or heard in the press about the recent events that have occurred in Asia. Many make donations when such tragic events and so much better.
It should be remembered that victims die every day of the year and the support we give them should not be limited to one donation at a media campaign related to a specific event.

Pakistan is also in a serious situation: 10 million people are under the assistance of WFP. The team on site has been particularly affected by losing five of their members in a suicide bombing attack this October 5. It's obviously dramatic that this attack can be perpetrated, trying to discourage people of goodwill who provide assistance for basic needs for millions of deportees. WFP's message is clear: they will continue to provide assistance and will not give up.

One thing that we would succeed through our actions, it is to generate regular donations, because we know more than ever that the fight against hunger, or against extreme poverty is not a task for a day or a week. It is a long-term task, which will find its end only if we manage to show solidarity and stand together.




Many things have happened since we left Asia: a tropical storm and a typhoon hit the Philippines. So far, more than 2.5 million people have been affected and about one million of them rely entirely on assistance from WFP in the field. The storm also affected Laos and Cambodia.


We've received some news from WFP people we met there. They are all working hard to help the many victims of these disasters. In Laos, some 250,000 people were affected and in Cambodia we learned that the storm has created landslides in Siem Reap and Kompong Thom, where we just passed.


All this reminds us how important it is to continue to provide support in the countries hardest hit by poverty, especially when unpredictable events complicate things and destroy what little these people had.


So far, you're over 70 to have contributed a sum exceeding $ 10,000. It's fantastic. Thank you to continue your support through our donation page! This is especially important today, even if we have put our bikes in front of our respective offices!




We're back in Switzerland , Zurich Airport . So far 70 donators have supported this action for a total of 9'493 USD (included the donation of $ 5,000 of Lombard Odier). One more effort and we will reach the $ 10,000.




An exceptional donation of $ 5,000 has been received from the bank Lombard Odier in Geneva . A big thank you. Let this encourage you to continue to make donations, because the more money, the greater the effect will be for supported families.