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September 19th 2009 - Bangsarae


After a rest day we leave, along up the coast, knowing that finding a place to sleep or eat is easy, no-matter where we stop. The scenery is beautiful. We discover a part of Thailand which was unknown to us and which holds places of "holiday" attended mainly by Bangkok residents.

The contrast since we left the border is striking. The industry of rubber, electronics, tourism, etc.. have enabled Thailand to afford modern infrastructure. Roads, including secondary, are in perfect condition. We even drove along kilometers of bike paths, which was unthinkable 10 years ago. 

We finally decide to stop in Bangsarae. The beach is deserted and beautiful. Why not take a quick swim? The heat was stunning on the road. This refreshing time is more than welcome.

We plan to stay quiet on the 20th to have time to update the site, then reach Bangkok, our final destination, in one go. So, it is in this postcard picture that we get off our bikes.

The children we left behind our wheels in Cambodia are still very present in our minds. We know that every kilometer we travel is symbolically made for them. We really hope that this adventure will encourage you, too, to share via our participation page.


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