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September 6th 2009 - Phnom Penh

7.30pm We finally arrived at the start of our journey. Wearing our beautiful WFP T-shirts, we start re-building our bikes in the airport, under the amused eye of the Cambodian security guards.


AĆ©roport de Phnom Penh


Les curieux s'attroupent et nous questionne....



20:30 Our bikes are ready and fully loaded. We take the road under a light rain in the dark, towards downtown, in search of a bed for the night.

21:30 After our first 10 kilometers of cycling, we arrive at "Last Home Guesthouse". The door is closed and the lights are turned off. We were about to leave and look for another place when two kids who were hanging around in the street tell us to knock on the door. No sooner said than done, an old lady did not wait long and opened the door welcoming us with an almost perfect French. Everything looks good. The room, although very basic, suits us. It is time for us to recover, find an Internet connection to update this little "blog", buy some water and  go to bed.




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