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September 11th 2009 - Siem Reap


We wake up at the first crowing of the rooster, eager to reach Siem Reap; stage where we plan a day of "rest" to visit the famous site of Angkor. The day promises to be warm, the sky is clear. Quickly we realize that we do not have enough water with us and we stop to fill our bottles.

It's hot, we can't wait to finish; only 60 km separate us from the place that will allow a well deserved nap.

We are on the outskirts of Siem Reap. The contrast with the rural areas we crossed the past days is striking. Here we "feel" that the tourism radically changed the decor. This place is a "rich and prosperous" area in which stores are springing up like mushrooms. Of course, as often, this kind of fast development, leaves a portion of the population "on the carpet" and digs a ditch even more difficult to cross between rich and poor. But for now, it is not visible to us who are entering the city through the front door under a blazing sun, with one idea in mind: eating fruits and have some rest.


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